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How to Order Monument Bricks

Download PDF Brick Order Form

Cost is $200.00 for each Monument Brick ordered

The purpose of purchasing Monument Bricks is to honor and remember those individuals and Gold Star Families represented by the Regional Monument of Courage. To order bricks please send your check to Chapter 0900, MOPH, P.O. Box 64266, Lubbock, Texas, 79464.

Ordering for an Active Duty member or veteran please include the following with your check: Member/Veteran Name, Rank, Branch of Service and Dates of Service.

Ordering for a non military person/family, please send their name/family name, and city of residence along with your check to the P.O. Box above.

Thank you for honoring our region's Medal of Honor and Purple Heart recipients and Gold Star FAmilies. 

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If paying using Pay Pal, print your receipt and mail it along with your Brick information.

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